Happy New Year!


I have been doing so much baking recently, especially during Christmas. Oh how I love Christmas! This year I decided to try making Gingerbread boys! Those turned out better than I ever imagined! And I also tried out an apple pie for the very first time. Was a hit at the party I brought it to. I’ll write about those another day.

To kick of 2012 I started off with a mushroom and onion quiche.

This quiche is pretty great for a first try. The crust was easy to work with, and it held the filling really well. A good thing about the filling is that I didn’t have to use any cheese in it. Just whipping cream and eggs to make the custard filling. Cheese is pricey and it’s hard to use the rest up in a Chinese kitchen.

I got the recipe from the Epicurious app on my iPhone. I’m telling you, I’ve found so many reliable recipes on that app! Love love love! Made minor tweaks to the original recipe. So here goes…


1 1/2 cup All purpose flour

1/8 tsp Salt

1 tsp Sugar

1/2 cup Butter (I used Buttercup instead of pure butter and it still turned out nice) – Cubed & chilled

1 Egg + 1 tsp Iced water

1 Egg white – Beaten (I put the remaining white and yolk from this egg into the custard filling, so as to not waste)

> Cut butter into the flour, salt and sugar using a pastry blender** (or you could pulse it in a food processor/rub between your fingers) until the mix resembles breadcrumbs.

> Add the egg mixture and stir with a fork until the dough starts to come together. Pour onto the table and bring the crumbs in, fold several times but don’t overwork.

> Flatten into a disk, clingwrap & refrigerate for 30 mins (or put in the freezer for 10 mins)

> Roll out dough between clingfilm/parchment paper and transfer to an oiled loose-base pie pan. I used a 10″ pan. Leave a 1cm overhang around the edges to allow for some shrinkage.

> Blind bake for 20 mins, 180 C. Remove beans, prick base and continue baking for 10 mins.


1 large Onion – Sliced

250g Fresh mushrooms (I used white button & Swiss brown) – Sliced

1 clove of garlic – Chopped

1  bay leaf

3 sprigs of rosemary

> Pan fry in some butter & season with salt and pepper. Once cooled, spread onto base of pastry.

200mL Whipping cream

2 Eggs

Salt & pepper

Sprinkle of dried oregano

> Mix together and pour on top of mushrooms.

> Bake 25 mins, 200 C

I’ll definitely be making this again, with little changes in the filling.. adding ham, bacon or sundried tomatoes to make it interesting!

**Ever since I got myself this pastry blender, it has made my pastry making SO MUCH EASIER!! Since I don’t have a food processor, I’ve always been too lazy to rub those pieces of butter in the flour!

I ❤ you!


If you’re bad, I’ll stuff these in your mouth and you’ll be sorry!


I came home tonight and decided to bake something. Then I thought of those big yummylicious muffins you find at Starbucks and those fancy cafe’s.

Like these healthy looking oaty muffins!

So I searched for a recipe for apple walnut muffins. I thought ‘maybe if it came out well, I could make it my first recipe entry!’. Well, here is what came out of my baking…

Horrible pale appetite suppressing thingymajigs! EEE!

Guess sometimes you come across good recipes and sometimes you don’t. Even my standard go-to recipe database Kuali.com failed me this time.

So kesian-lah who is gonna eat them now?! Hahahaha. I feel like secretly bunching them up and trashing them. Of course that would be a sin thinking of everyone else in Somalia or wherever that were eating dirt to fill their tummies. Or maybe teachers could use them to punish their misbehaving students.

Or maybe I could go feed the birds tomorrow. But what if even the birds don’t eat them?! Then there will just be muffins lying about in my garden! -.-

It’s these failed recipes that make me totally malas to try any new recipes I find. And I keep going back to baking the boring ol butter, marble, orange, chocolate cake.

Guess I won’t be baking anymore for the next few weeks 😛 No mood liao!!

Of the things I love – Food and cardmaking!


I’m been slightly bitten by the craft-bug lately.

The last time I blogged about continuing my cross-stitch piece of the boy and his bear – failed. I took it out and was stitching a few rows when I remembered why I stopped in the first place – I had no idea what I was going to do with it after it was done. And that put me off just as it did the first time. So once again, it’s going to remain untouched for awhile.

I was at the Garden’s the other week right after my eye check-up @ ISEC and I popped by the huge art store and went a little bonkers.

I was like a kid in a candy store. I was oogling at all the colourful paper, scrapbook ribbons and buttons and things. There were alot of basic stuff as well as fancy-pansy art stuff which I had no idea how to use. Suddenly I wish I studied art of some sort cause these stuff looked so fun! And as much as I like craft, I think I’m really not that good at it 😛

So I got a few items (after being in there for sooO long) and was inspired to make a farewell card for a colleague. That same night I went back and got to work… till 2am.

“Lydia, you’re a star! All the best!” If there was anyone who would love a handmade card, I know it would be her!

After more than a dozen signatures from close friends and a dinner at Mid Valley…

Guess she really liked it after all! It was meaningful to me that what I made had gone to good use. It was a vessel for everyone to pen down their wishes to her and I’m really proud of it! I had to cut out the words one by one using my X-Acto knife. It was tricky I can tell you that. Don’t know how some people (Made by Julene) make it seem so easy.


This weekend was a real lazy one. Saturday was spent at 1U. The new Jusco is amazing. Looks expensive like Isetan. The food looks real good and they had a good number of real Japanese people behind the counters! Sushi was going at 99 sen/piece which meant we naturally had to have some…

Sushi dinner date on the big couch in front of the TV. Comfy heaven!

And for breakfast the next day we had a good brunch at home of fat juicy pork sausages, baked beans and omelette.

Fat Fat Fat juicy porky sausages from that bloody amazing Jusco 1U Lol

Next I’m gonna do french toast and luncheon meat. Hohoho!

Lets get crafty!


And so it’s Thursday again. Busiest days of the week have gone by and I am more than looking forward to the weekend.

I don’t really remember how but I stumbled upon a blog that reminded me of my love for craft – Murni Roslim’s Mimpi Murni. I love her blog. An explosion of soft colour at every scroll of the mouse and every post opened my eyes to a kind of craft that I never knew existed!

It’s through her posts that I found Made by Julene. Basically, she cuts paper. But I bet you’ve never seen anyone else cut paper like her!!

  I Like Everything About You, Made by Julene

A design for Pfizer for the anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor, Made by Julene

Mad right? I thought only high tech machines could cut like that.

Murni Roslim also organizes craft parties for those who love making pretty things with little buttons and colourful ribbons and beady things 🙂 Oh the thought of it makes me so happy. But when I went to Handmade KL, I found out that I just missed the last one. Boo. Oh maybe next time round. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

So armed with the sudden wave of creative inspiration, I dug out my unfinished cross-stitch piece from years back 😛

Little boy and his bear

He has a girlfriend too… I finished her first cause girls are just cuter 😛

Little girl and her bunny

2 other completed pieces, 1 turned into a bag which is currently MIA; and another I framed cause I didn’t know what else to do with it -.-

Currently up on my room wall

So what am I gonna do with the little girl and boy once their done??….

Last Friday I got myself a pair of new eyes


It’s the 3rd day after LASIK and I still find myself looking for my glasses. Sometimes I ‘feel’ my non-existent glasses slipping down the bridge of my nose and my fingers are automatically there trying to push them up, only realizing “oh yeaa…!”

My biggest pre-LASIK concern was oddly enough how I would look without glasses and not so much about the quality of my vision. So weird hearing me confess about it. Am I that much of a vain pot?! My face feels lighter.. more ‘airy’.. kinda feels like freedom! In the mirror it does look somewhat plain. Like a frame is missing. Something I gotta get used to.

Everything in general looks much clearer. Like I got new glasses with a higher power. Details are not that sharp yet. The doctor says it just needs time to heal. And so I’m diligently putting eyedrops every 4 hours, making sure my boyfriend’s monkey-like long limbs doesn’t take and accidental swing near my eyes and being sure not to subconsciously rub them!

So if you’re thinking of LASIK too, do not search ‘microkeratome’ in Google image cause I’m pretty sure you will never get it done after that! Just like any other surgery, you wouldn’t wanna see how they do it till after 😛

So now what’s left is to pay for that huge bill on my credit card for these new eyes!

Back to life


Hello once again!

New awesome colourful background to shake this blog back to life eh?

I’ll try again. This time, with less ranting! Was a bit of a complainer back then wasn’t I?!

So I got my first camera.

Nikon Coolpix P300

It’s not one of those pro-looking DLSR’s which everyone seems to have hanging over their shoulder these days. But hey, it’s lightweight, compact and a perfect beginner’s camera for a noob (like me) 🙂 Not to mention affordable, just under RM1000.

And you know what else I bought?… Armani sunglasses 😛 Pending to be used after my scheduled LASIK surgery this Friday *shivers nervously*. It’s a little nerve wrecking to know someone’s gonna clamp my eyelids open, slice that jelly bit of my eyeballs so that he can aim a laser to burn the back of my eye o.O (can even smell the burning apparently…)


 Hope the doctor @ ISEC Mid Valley is not hungry, sleepy or angry when I’m on the chopping block! Perhaps 3pm appointment (post-prandial drowsiness?) is not such an ideal time!

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the terror and RM5200 that will be credited into my card will be well worth it. Waking up in the morning without blur vision.. Eye makeup that won’t be hidden under glasses… That dent on the bridge of my nose from the years of wearing glasses will finally heal….

Cannot get water into eyes, cannot rub eyes, cannot swim, cannot wear eye makeup for a month after surgery! San-fu.

So to make myself feel better I’ve set up an appointment for a facial a day before @ Airellis Esthetics & Wellness Studio in SS2. Since theRM88 for a 2 hour facial for first trial. Lets see how good they are. Have not heard of their products though. My regular beautician from Beaubelle @ Ikano is always fully booked 😦


Talk about outflow of $$$$$ !!

Here’s a yellow gerbera. Pretty ain’t it?

Not so yay.


I wish I was crazy for Chinese New Year just as I was for Christmas… But I’m really not.

And I find it extremely unfortunate.

It wasn’t always this way. I loved CNY as a little kid. I remember fighting to play ‘TV game’ with the other kiddy cousins in my aunt’s room and counting ang pows on the bed at the end of the first day. There was a huge rambutan tree outside the house which was always full of fruits by the time CNY came. Under the tree were the goldfish tanks that grandpa kept. He had ariwana and catfish and a tonne of other random fish that I used to torment by poking them. The house was full of buzz!! Noisy and plenty to see and do. Reunion dinners were lavish dinners held at home. My grandpa used to serve soup in a carved melon which impressed me every year.

Things have changed a great deal now.

The cousins are all grown up and we live in our own world – the English speaking world and the Mandarin speaking world. The English speaking ones are overseas… and well… thats that.

They chopped down the rambutan tree.

Grandpa passed and all the fishes did too.

No one can do cool dinners anymore so we just pay a whole lot to go to a noisy Chinese restaurant for dinner.

I pass my days by watching DVDs.

What is there to look forward to for CNY??

I don’t have cute baby nieces or nephews to play with… I don’t have cousins to talk crap to… All I have are loads of aunties and uncles who will probably comment about how I look and make me talk about work. Last CNY I was humiliated when they just could not stop talking about how fat I was. I just came back from UK!! Can they give me a break?! Instead of asking me how my whole UK/Sabah experience was, they asked me how I got so damn FAT?!?!! Did I really travel over 300kms to Johor Bahru just so they can judge me on how I look?!

I know it’s not going to happen this time and I only hope that they won’t pull out any pills from their bags and start going “So ahh.. this medicine rite.. good ahh? Which one is the best ahh?? I heard people say horrr………..”


Please tell me what is there to look forward to for CNY?

The fact that I don’t have to go to work?? Yes.

Maybe I can hop over to Singapore for a little shopping spree?? Yes.

That is all I can look forward to.

They are my family. It should come naturally to be happy to see them but I don’t know how to be.

It’s so sad.